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The New York Roots Music Association & Saturday Night Social Club was created by a group of like-minded Long Island, NY musicians who longed for a different way to collaborate and present their music. Our goal is to offer our friends and fans an alternative to the late night bar scene and a chance to reconnect to live music. We’ll be paying tribute to the artists that have been major influences in our lives – from all genres. It is from these roots that we have grown – and are still growing.

“Long May He Run” A Celebration of the Music of Neil Young


There are few artists who have traveled more musically diverse paths than Neil Young. From intimate acoustic ballads to ear-shattering bombastic rock, Young knows no boundaries and plays only by his own rules. Never resting – rust never sleeps – his unique journey has brought us rock anthems, lullabies and love songs along with songs of conscience that have changed, and are still changing, the way we treat each other and the planet that we share.

On Saturday, February 4th, the The members friend and family of Huntington American Legion Post 360 and The New York Roots Music Association will celebrate Neil Young’s music with a career-encompassing performance that will take a deep dive into his classic “After The Goldrush” album. The show will feature over 30 of Long Island’s most talented musicians. Scheduled to appear are Eamonn Bowles, Gene Casey, Tom Ciorciari, Raecine Coles, Chris Connolly, Gary Dawson, Rich Hall, Claudia Jacobs, Chris James, Steve Kaplan, Cathy Kreger, Mary Lamont, Rich Lanahan, Tom Licameli, Pete Mancini, Jim Marchese, Annie Mark, Mark Newman, Joe Perricone, Tom Pfeifer, Mark Pohl, Steven Prisco, Tom Ryan, Nate Schweber, Russ Seeger, Jenna Silverman-Salm, Michele Sivori, Al Speed, Rich Umbach, Jessica Upham, Norman Vincent, Dan Weymouth, Dave Wise and Joe Zogbi.

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At the heart of everything we do is our love for live music. Every night, in every town across this great country of ours you can find someone playing music whether it’s at the local library, in a neighborhood bar or theater or under a tree in the park.

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