Welcome to the official website of the New York Roots Music Association!

The New York Roots Music Association & Saturday Night Social Club was created by a group of like-minded Long Island, NY musicians who longed for a different way to collaborate and present their music. Our goal is to offer our friends and fans an alternative to the late night bar scene and a chance to reconnect to live music. We’ll be paying tribute to the artists that have been major influences in our lives – from all genres. It is from these roots that we have grown – and are still growing.


Memphis To Muscle Shoals: Support Our Artists!

Quite a few of the artists performing at our Memphis to Muscle Shoals show have new albums out! Please check out these links and support them – you will not be disappointed!

Also, check out this fantastic Bob Dylan tribute record featuring Annie Mark, Chris James, Jenna Silverman-Salm, Bill Shuren, Claudia Jacobs, Pete Mancini, Russ Seeger and more NYRMA peeps!

Support live music!

At the heart of everything we do is our love for live music. Every night, in every town across this great country of ours you can find someone playing music whether it’s at the local library, in a neighborhood bar or theater or under a tree in the park.

We encourage you to get out and get involved! Start by visiting our events page